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My name is Amber in RL but here you can call me Sapphire or Yuki! ^O^ I am a girl of many fandoms and cannot just float in one. Video games, anime, reading, are things I do to pass the time. Currently 18 years old. Living location in big wide country of Canada! Color choices are pink, green, and purple! Bishies make her a very happy girl indeed. Favorite books include: The Other Boylen Girl, The Summoning, Linger, Percy Jackson Series, Lost Hero, Kamikaze Girls, and Harry Potter set

Shugo Chara. Saint Seiya. Sailor Moon, Kukou Debut!. Junjuo Romantica. Midnight Secretary. Absolute Boyfriend. Tsubasa: RESVior Chronicles. Chobits. Legal Drug. Fruits Basket. D.N. Angel. Yu-Gi-Oh: DM. Yu-gi-oh: GX, Yu-gi-oh: 5D's.xxxHoLiC. Otomen. Blank Slate.Vampire Knight. Naruto. Fairy Cube. Godchild. FullMoon.Kuroshitsuji Death Note. Black Cat. The Melacholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Ouran High School Host Club. YJ [Not an anime but w/e hehe]

Within Temptation. Muse. Kingdom Hearts OST.Ayumi Hamasaki Panic! At the Disco. KAT-TUN Tackey & Tsubasa. V6. Evanescence . Uverworld. Utada Hikaru. Tohoshinki/TVXQ/Dong Bang Shin Ki. Wonder Girls. BoA. Koda Kumi. NEWS. Goo Goo Dolls. Nightwish. OK ONE ROCKName Amuro. After School. INFINITE. Kalafina

Currently Playing~

DSi = My Japanese Coach, Pokemon SoulSliver
PS2= Digital Devil Saga 1
PS3 = Marvel vs Capcom 3
PSP =dissidia 012 [when ENG version is released]
X-Box 360 = Fable III / Dance Central

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