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03 February 2011 @ 11:32 pm

So I was going to go back to Loa's tonight and instead and just sat in my room and cried. Over what I'm not 100% sure. I just feel really sad lately. Schools looking up though. So far I have an A average in English and my Oral exam I got 80 on even though I stumbled through it....

I just really don't know what's wrong. :( Unless something is rearing it's ugly head again. I really don't wanna be put on meds again for it. I didn't do so well the first round.

There something for you ladies to drool over lol

And the Mennonite with her child

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22 January 2011 @ 04:11 pm

I AM GOING TO GO NUTS THIS LOOKS WAY BETTER THAN 13. ESJRDSGKJZFLKGLSNOAWHTOQYWJKotuerkgjfbg794tiuheKJbfjakbsgkajgfbdflkgajsgjsngjsdaflsadlgsafgbkjfdbgjkfghskgjbskRWAEGTGBAKSBGJWgkgsKdgb


Okay. We're good.

SO! Christmas Party tonight, wheet!

And online shopping is no fun when there's no money on your credit card to do so. Nor the impending doom of speeding tickets. Or your urge to buy Kinetic.

Damn it why aren't I rich?



I totally didn't know they were doing an FF13-2.

It looks pretty BA. GO LIGHT GO! :D :D :D Winter it comes out. . . which is sooner than my versus coming out. Which makes me slightly sad. . . .
AND I just realized that a shit load of games are coming out soon too. . . .I NEED CATHERINE! D: And Marvel vs Capcom. . . .MONEY!!!!! D: D: D: D: D:

Bonus side, I haven't spent money at chapters in a while! Or starbucks! :D


Okay and. . . . .I'M DONE!
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03 January 2011 @ 03:56 pm
So my grandma Carol passed away at 4 in the morning. My dad came and woke me up this morning to tell me.

I wished I went to see her when I could've.

So we're going up on Thursday for the funeral and to be with family. 2 dogs will be put in the kennel.

But don't you own three?

Kaylee is being put down tomorrow she had a big seizure today and dad thinks we should do before something major happens. I wanna be there tomorrow. :(

Life you can go SMD right now.

EVERYTHING IS NOT OKAY! I don't know how many times I keep being told that but I'm not stupid. I know when things won't be. I HATE people tell me that.

So what are we going to do? We're going to Tammy's party tonight, we're going to work tomorrow, we'll do Tron on Wednesday and then head up to Saskatoon for the weekend.

Not the best start off for the new year. : |

But I love you Grandma you'll be missed dearly. <3
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28 December 2010 @ 03:01 pm
When people don't update due to school I used to be : Pfffttttt can't be that bad!

Oh yes it can be! I apologize for that! ^_^;;;

So this past fall has not been the most ideal time. There has been so much going on and it has been taking it's toll on not only me but my family as well. Things are very stressful around here to say the least. Which is why I'm looking forward to the new year really badly.

Last night Jordann and Kendon and myself all hung out for a while. You know what?? I had such a fun time and we got a really good talk in too. I've realized that as good as it may seem to bottle things up, if you can actually talk them out, you'll feel a lot better in the long run. ^_^ So thank you guys.

Christmas was smaller than previous year but we are living in harder times within my family I understand. Which as long as we stick together and watch out for one another things should be okay. Tyler got pretty much everything he asked for lol. Assasins Creed: Brotherhood, Wayne Gretzy Hockey Game for the Wii, Family Guy movie (It's a Trap, I think), some AE stuff and lots of other things.

Myself? Well lets say that most of it is going back. I have lotion to last me until I die which is more than anyone ever needs at one point! xD But Daddy did do something right! He pre-ordered in full MARVEL VS CAPCOM! WHOOO! :D :D :D But it doesn't come out till February. Which sucks.

Hopefully Jord and I can go to Chapters later on today too. I feel like a Starbucks right now! :D

Hope everything is going okay for everyone else on here! Here's to 2011 being a much better year!


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01 December 2010 @ 11:48 am
You know I love reading and gaming. A LOT. If it was a profession (hey look at that it is!!) ahem available to me right now to do I would love to do so.

So I've been thinking. I read more than anyone in the group (sorry folks pretty sure I do anyways ^^;;) I also game it a little bit more in the group (well unless Garret and other guys playing COD online for 12 hours a day counts lol) I think I may start a review journal. You know like give people basic plot summaries, give my opinions on books/games/series and know how recommend/not recommend.

I think if I were to do that then maybe it could help me improve my writing as well. Constructive Criticism would be welcomed to help me improve.

And I think I would link it up to Facebook so everyone could read. Hey who knows, maybe a job offer will come my way! xD

So what do you guys think? Yay or nay?? Would you guys read it or no?
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29 November 2010 @ 09:39 pm
Okay so I have this REALLY stupid English novel which is about a girl who hires someone to kill her and it is basically her thought process over the past and current days, especially Canada. I'm sorry I want to read something decent and that makes sense for a change. English I cannot do thee.

And then for Anthro there's this gang rape book which is actually kinda interesting. Some boys . . . I have to question though.

And still no answer from either prof which is getting me mad. Super mad. >:| Silly profs.


And then maybe I can finish Fable 2 and start 3. Maybe. xD OH DECEMBER 9th HOW I LONG FOR THEE!

Should also find out if I work on Wednesday. Hmmm.


AND Kaylee just decided my bed looked like a good enough toliet. Then proceeded to pee ALL over it. Joy. : \

Bonus side, I should be able to pull a decent all nighter with paper research, paper writing,paper reading and I just finished cleaning the bathroom. Maybe I could do laundry too?
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06 November 2010 @ 11:10 pm
So today was kinda shit.


He was such a good man. This breaks my heart to pieces like you wouldn't believe. Why is it the good die young?

And I went in to work and Neil was "Partying to hard last night huh?"

Oh how I wish. So today sucked for this alone.

However, I am very proud of one of my best friends for taking a stand for what she believes in. Hailey I'm proud of you. <3

So tonight will be play videos, have a crap/fun filled night so I can work tomorrow! Maybe actually do an essay like I've been planning to do for the past two weeks. ^^;;;

So overall? This week hasn't been great. So. . .hopefully the next update will be a bit happier or a sigh of relief that one essay is done or both or done or something along those lines.

Charlie chewed my heart headband. I think I may need to kill him. That headband has made me a braver woman. ;_; SOMETHING TO GO RIGHT PLEASE. Ahhhhhh

Time to de-stress!
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05 November 2010 @ 01:13 pm
And Professors:

Thank you very much for giving me a low self-esteem and self worth. I realize now how wrong High School was in it's teachings and how useless it has become.

Like for example in English class! Back in grade 12 I did not do so well on an essay . . .after pointing out bad points and good points we fixed the issue and could at least get a passing grade (in my books). With my lovely 'F' you have bestowed me while awful GPA goes down more and more telling me to go to writing centre will not help. What the heck does that do there and why go there to begin with??

Writing. . . you are such a boring class. And I hate group work. Yes, let's make Amber type out and write and speak when she HATES doing so. Thank you for coming to my rescue in class.

Anthro . . . my feeling for you will depend on how I do on this next test. If all goes well, you will be my 3rd or 2nd favourite class depending on my other two.

HISTORY HOW I LOVE THEE, LET ME COUNT THE WAYS! A nice mark on a mid-term, a nice professor, STUFF I UNDERSTAND AND GRASP! Oh and that time just FLIES by while I'm taking notes. LOVE YOU!

Japanese. . . I have a love/hate relationship with you. I do love you because you are fun and relevant to my future but sometimes you are hard and L2 test was not fun at all. Hopefully the reading test will go well on Monday.

Over all? University thank you for killing my hopes, dreams and fantasies all in a week. Now if these other essays don't go well . . . .I think I'll be switching majors VERY shortly! :D

You know what? As angry/sad/ashamed I am of that essay mark. . .I'm kinda not surprised. Does that make sense. It really wasn't a good essay and I should have gone over my materials better or asked someone to read it to me. Friends? Help? ._.

Okay. SO! Tasks for this weekend/week!

-Japanese reading test on Monday. PRACTICE!
-Japanese Translations 4 sentences, due Monday as well
-Writing: 4 points of Analysis typed up and emailed
-Writing: Critical Analysis Essay Due Nov. 18 1000 words
-History French Revolution Paper Due Nov. 18 5-6 pages max
-Summary Redo . . . .soonish. . . .O_O

OK! TIme to work! I've had some food, had some Chai tea now to get some of this done before meeting Loa tonight~
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14 October 2010 @ 10:10 pm
Okay to make my bad day yesterday seem not as bad. . .

Hugh Jackman. Visited my dreams.

So I was in the library doing something very unimportant when . . . .when. . . .HE APPEARED! He was helping out some kids for this production the U of L was doing and I just stood there in awe.


So he comes over and starts talking to me (why I do not know) and I stopped and said that this would never be possible and he said but that's why ya dream so that maybe it can!

Then I melted. And I'm not kidding I think I seriously had some dates with him and I brought him home to meet my family and we had dinner. . .and everything was awesome.

Then my alarm went off.

I've never been so sad to wake up then this morning. I kid thee not.

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13 October 2010 @ 07:43 pm
Oh why is life such a bitter bitch lately? At least to me.

Been a social hermit. And I mean hermit. I've bought books, read them, repeat. Although it was nice to actually finish some.


Ban together my friends. WE MUST FIGHT THEM! Stupid photo radar. DIE!

So ya. Been anti-social and very grumpy that all the money I'm trying to save is going towards everything else that I don't want it go to. FUCK.


So I don't have money to have any fun, no money for a halloween costume, no money for trips. NOTHING.


I'm super mad and depressed right now it isn't even funny.

So have I done anything REALLY bad that would make me deserve all this? Except for my speeding due to my lateness? I didn't think so. Life stop being such a bitch please and thank you!

So ya. December and November better be alot nicer than October. OMG I GET VACATION PAY IN DECEMBER! :D HAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAA! MONEY YES! Only like $200 bucks but that'll be great cause I'll have none by then.

Oh and Marvel? GET BETTER ANIMATORS CAUSE DC IS KICKING YOUR BUTT! The Avengers (cartoon) looks awful and sounds awful! YOU GOT RID OF WOLVERINE (Steve Blum) FOR CRAP LIKE THAT? I'm ashamed.

Okay, I'm going to do some homework and maybe study. If I still have motivation. :\
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